The theme designed for your success.

Anatomy is a different kind of WordPress theme.

It’s a theme that knows you have better things to worry about than whether blue is better than green. Anatomy knows you want to focus on delivering your message effectively. You don’t have time to waste on technical details.

Theme options that matter.

Theme options that matter.

Engage your readers.

When was the last time a theme reminded you to focus on your readers?

The default tab for Anatomy Theme Options is the Engage tab. That’s because your primary concern should be refining the way you engage your readers.

Design for real people.

Design is secondary, but it’s there if you need it.

Oh, and all of the options inside both tabs come with easy to understand tips. Every option exists for a reason – and you should be able to make an educated decision on how to use it.

Design made simple.

Design options for responsive WordPress themes.

Anatomy is built on current design standards.

It is responsive – which means the experience for your readers will be optimized depending on whether they visit from a phone, tablet or desktop.

You can easily manipulate the final design with thoughtful options to make sure you’re helping the reader feel the right way about your site. What mood are you setting? What vibes are you sending? How does your color scheme evoke an emotion?

These are things Anatomy will help you think about and choose wisely – without ever leaving your Options page.

Styles, shortcodes and beyond.

Responsive WordPress writing options.