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Whether you are developing yet another niche site, or building a professional platform for your brand, you’ve probably wasted countless hours searching for a theme that has all of the qualities you expect from a premium theme.

Anatomy has all of them.

Built to drive user engagement.
Responsive & designed for mobile.
Simple and highly-effective options.
Shortcodes that allow you to customize templates, create buttons and include scalable icons for any situation.

Built to connect with your audience.

Instead of making you worry about design issues such as font size or great looking typography, Anatomy lets you jump straight into connecting with your audience.

With options like a Homepage message, easy styles to call out important text, and the ability to write an encouraging message above your comment form, Anatomy is all about getting real with your visitors.

You can customize freely.

Anatomy allows you to focus on your visitors, but you can still get your hands dirty and make it work on your own terms.

Anatomy comes with 4 unique Page templates, shortcodes that allow you to dynamically design your own layouts, create beautiful buttons and implement scalable icons, as well as providing you with Visual Editor styles so you can highlight and visually call out important content in your Posts and Pages.

Want proof? This entire page was built with basic Anatomy functionality.

 Responsive to the core.

These days, millions of people are on the move while they consume content online. That means your users are searching for their information on their mobile phones, and trying to read their content from their tablets.

Are you ready with an easy-to-read, fast loading theme like Anatomy?

“We have to think mobile first, desktop second.” – Rick Bakas

The details are taken care of.

Long story short:
You will love it as much as I loved this frappe.

When you are working with Anatomy, you don’t have to worry about the details.

The thumbnail is going to show up, even if you forget to set the featured image. Your site is being optimized for faster loading and a better experience on your users’ slow 3G network (or “borrowed” wi-fi connection). That 1 pixel, Apple-like text shadow is creating a high-quality yet subtle design experience you love but can’t put your finger on.

I could spend all day telling you how Anatomy has already handled the design work for you, but you get the picture.

Fully documented and ready to go.

Anatomy is easy to use, but also comes fully documented so that if you do get confused, you have a resource to turn to.

There’s no reason not to try it.

If you’re worried about wasting your money on yet another failed theme that doesn’t work the way you expected, don’t fear. Anatomy comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if it isn’t to your satisfaction.

With a guarantee like that, there’s no reason not to try it out.

Updates, forever.

Once you buy Anatomy, you get all future updates for free. No subscriptions. No monthly payments.

(Which also means that the sooner you buy it, the better the deal you’re going to get… because a theme like this won’t stay at this price for long.)

Buy Anatomy while it’s on sale.

Anatomy 1.1 is launching on sale. That means you’re going to get a $75 theme for only $45!

You’re going to get the rest of the upgrades for free, so you may want to take advantage of the sale while you still can.

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In review, this is a responsive theme that is designed from the core to help you engage your users without needing to worry about your design. You get a full-featured theme with shortcodes, page templates, and even Visual Editor styles for important content.

It’s covered by a money back guarantee.

In case you forgot, I wanted to remind you that this theme is completely guaranteed for 14 days. That means 100% of your money back if you decide it’s not the theme for you.