Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy in TMRW Golf

Rory McIlroy believes his new joint venture with Tiger Woods will demonstrate the 15-time major winner’s “genius” and help extend his career.

McIlroy and Woods have launched TMRW Sports to stage a “high-tech golf League” in which six teams of three will compete behind closed doors on Monday night.

The 18-hole competition, which will start in January 2024, will take only two hours.

Woods has only started three tournaments in 2022 – he retired from the US PGA championship after three rounds – because, for obvious reasons, he experienced body difficulties after a car accident last February that, according to him, almost led to an amputation of his right leg.

The 46-year-old admits he will never play in the full tournament schedule again and McIlroy was asked if the new behind-closed-doors League would make the best use of his limited time.

“Who knows where we will see Tiger Woods playing golf next time, right?”McIlroy said. “We don’t know what his schedule will be. We don’t know what her body will be.

“But I think I can still see him showing his skills on prime time TV, without any wear and tear on his body, I think I can see Tiger hitting the ball and giving people an idea of his genius, I think it’s really a good use of his time.”

TMRW Sports CEO and co-founder Mike Mccarley has revealed some details about how the “golf” will unfold.

“For the fans, imagine sitting on the court during an NBA game. It’s such an environment, music, familiarity with the players,” he said. “As a fan, you are at the heart of the events. You see everything unfolding in front of you.

“To orient yourself from the point of view of golf, you see on the screen the practices and the shots that are approaching. It’s a commercial-sized screen, not quite the same as the IMAX screen, but pretty darn close to it.

“The ball will be placed in the short game area and the guys will play from there