Sun Belt Is Best Conference in All College Football

Have you told your children and loved ones about the Fun Belt?

The Sun belt, which exists right under the Power Five conferences, consists of 14 teams that drink beer, kick ass and have fun. The fun belt was in full swing on Saturday, and several teams knocked off Power Five schools, including the Power Five Boogeyman Appalachian State, which is knocking off Texas A&M No. 6 in College Station (/chuckles), and Georgia Southern, which is knocking off Nebraska on Scott Frost Day.

It’s time we recognized our Fun Belt Overlords for what they are: the best conference in all of college football, for a few simple reasons.

Regional proximity makes conference games fun

With teams all over the South, with the state of Texas being the furthest away, each team is in close proximity to each other. Rivalries are built more easily within the conference, and the passion for each game becomes deeper. When Coastal Carolina and Louisiana-Lafayette play against each other, the passion of the fan base is obvious. Just look at these extremely tipsy, extremely loud Appalachian fans after their mountaineers defeated Texas A&M:

I am convinced that the college gameday saw this video and knew at that MOMENT that they wanted the college gameday in Boone, North Carolina. BOONE! Matchday was supposed to take place in the old Podunk College Station, but ESPN wanted the fun belt on their TV because the passion of the fans is strongly visible. That’s what college football is all about; the passion for the sport and the fun that comes with it. The sun belt has that in spades.

None of these teams are normal, and that’s wonderful

Let’s remember something — the Appalachian state lost to North Carolina last week after giving up 63 POINTS. HOME. Then they went to Texas A&M and allowed only 7 rude points (kick Return TD were the other 7). App State just wants to find ways to make you and your loved ones suffer while watching the mountaineers play their favorite team.

Old Dominion seems to be Virginia Tech’s version of Askeladd from the Vinland saga, beating the Hokies in the first week — ONCE AGAIN! The Hokies will also have to play Old Dominion for the next NINE YEARS, so they will continue to defeat only a lesser opponent. James Madison just climbed onto the fun belt and crushes opponents as if they had never left!

Every team in the conference has crazy winning opportunities that vary from week to week. You just roll the 20-sided dice and whatever comes up, you will wholeheartedly take on the fire-breathing dragon with a 24-pack of Miller Lite in tow.

They. Research team. Kick. ASS.

Every team in the Sun belt is so different in how they win games, and the fact that they are so successful is fun for everyone. Do you like running football? Coastal Carolina operates the triple option, but is out of the spread. It’s like a created offense in NCAA 14, except everyone has a mullet and wants to run you over with a sea-doo.

Marshall went to the South Bend and defeated Notre Dame by simply owning the rude line on each side of the ball and devastating the action Irish, getting three interceptions and returning one for a touchdown.

Georgia Southern used to run the triple option, but Clay Helton came in and brought a transfer quarterback, and now they’re throwing at Lincoln Nebraska for 400 passing yards. Kyle Vantrease has a stable of receivers who were mostly blockers and are now making crazy plays at the biggest moment of their lives.

Georgia State put the fear of God in UNC and nearly beat the Tar Heels 35-28. Every time Mack Brown plays against a sun belt team, his life force is depleted. Georgia State’s RPO-based offense is modern, entertaining and peril for P5 teams.

Each team in the Sun belt has its own flavor, and that’s what makes watching the conference so entertaining.

At its core, college football is about the fun moments outside of the Xs and Os of the game. The rivalries and the passion of the fans make college football really great. It feels like the Sun belt has really managed to bring passionate fan bases together and create rivalries while playing great football at the same time.